Axenova has a 360 degrees approach to IoT. We have formed specific competence centers for each area of knowledge that has a direct impact on the implementations of IoT projects: Networking, Hardware, Software and Integration.

Our team consists of highly specialized engineers committed to realize high impact solutions, with low implementation cost and minimal operation management.

We use an Agile approach to develop IoT Projects that consent to arrive to the solution with low attrition and optimizing resources . .


The AXENOVAs software factory provides value to its customers through the development of real time data management software, user front end based on web and apps and analytics systems.


Our hardware solutions are unique, designed to minimize implementation and operating costs and maximize reliability. AXENOVA offers ready-to-install hardware with world-class quality at very competitive prices.


Multi Connectivity Capabilities
One size do not fit all… AXENOVA use a multi-network technology approach to give to our customers the best possible solution with the less effort and maximum return.


The key element for a successful IoT solution is the integration of hardware, software and networking working in perfect coordination. AXENOVA's integration area has extensive experience allowing it to generate highly integrated and reliable solutions.


We can create your IoT solution

Contact us to discuss together the best possible paths for the generation of your next solution. We will assure you the best quality and the best possible return on investment ... let's talk !


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